casual outfit: sleeveless top + booties

You know the old saying, ‘when it rains, pours’… that has definitely applied to my life lately! Those of you that know me personally or have followed this blog for awhile know that my husband and I sold everything and moved to Florida from the midwest 1.5 years ago.  We purchased a house in a small gated community that isn’t our forever home by any means, but was safe and new and worked for the time being (and avoided paying dreaded rent which is astronomical down here). 
Recently I was given the opportunity to switch “markets” with my current employer (think small format, large format, and ‘clubs’ without giving away who I work for 🙂 ). My husband works for the same company and will be a pharmacy manager for a brand new store in Sarasota opening in January.  We suddenly got the “itch” to try and get approved for the home we really wanted when we moved down here, in one of those amazing “resort-like” communities that are so coveted in Florida. 
Basically, we are crazy. We got approved. But with contingencies regarding paying down our current debt and selling our current home for XX dollars. Not too terribly bad……. except we found out one of our dogs needs surgery (he has a history of cancer 🙁 ), I just bought a new horse (pre-house buying lol..), I don’t know if I personally can handle not shopping for 7 months (lord.), combined with this new market I will be working in… will I get the OT hours I’m used to?  
Anyway, thank you all for letting me vent a little and explain my ever so random absences that keep happening on the blog! Life is such I suppose.  We will be deciding on the house this week and if everything pans out, you might see a lot more Old Navy and a lot less Nordstrom on the blog in the near future. 😂😂
That being said, ON has some really cute new arrivals!  Hmmm…. 
If you’ve made it this far, this was my ‘house shopping’ outfit for a very warm, and not so ‘fall-like’ day last week. 🙂
Top (similar, similar) / Jeans / Booties / Earrings (almost identical

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