monthly recap: january 2017

I can’t believe it’s already February 2017! Where does time fly, really? So many changes are coming to the Dailey household this coming year. New house, new horse, new cars, new town to live in, new town to possibly work in (long story short, restructuring of markets at work) — I’m hoping the excitement counteracts the stress a little… *hoping*! In regards to the new house… the stress lies in the fact that we sold our current home this past weekend (that we built just over a year ago lol). We are crazy folks (just a smidge).  The house closes in April, but our new home won’t be finished until July/August. So, we are basically homeless. 💁Joy.  So the random wall in my blog photos might change 3 times in one year… at least I’m keeping it interesting! 😂
Below is a monthly recap of blog outfits in January. Click the link at the top of the photo or picture itself to see original blog post.
    ruffle plaid outfit                                                    striped peplum outfit
  ruffle sweater outfit                                          zebra pencil skirt
       striped peplum outfit                                               floral utility blouse
casual gray sweater                                                    button sweater

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