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Hello all! Wow, what a week last week was!  I worked last weekend right into this past week, and unfortunately had a ton of sick patients back to back. I had 4-5 influenzas, bronchitis, strep throat, and a laryngitis all Saturday morning. I felt fine early last week, but by Wednesday evening I was down for the count. Thankfully I think I just caught a cold (I’m guessing one or a few of those influenzas were not really influenza lol), but the last few days of work have been rough and no blogging to be had. I finally felt a little better yesterday and was able to get quite a few flatlay posts put together that I can share this week. 
In the meantime, while I nurse my cough syrup and tissues, enjoy these Instagram photos I took early last week. 🙂
blouse (similar) | short-sleeve sweater (similar) | dress pants | pumps

citron sweater (similar) | seersucker pants (similar) | pumps | earrings

necklace (similar) | bracelet

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