casual outfit: ruffle tee + denim

Hello everyone!  We finally got settled into my dad’s winter “home” (it’s a villa) while we await our new home to be finished.  We lost ~500 square feet of living space and the master bedroom closets here are not walk-in – oy!  Needless to say we had to rent another storage unit (in addition to the one storing our furniture) and my dad’s guest bedroom is now my closet lol.  I un-packed necessary work flats, sneakers, and sandals but sadly most everything else is still packed away somewhere.  Not conducive for blogging at all lol! Our pretty full length mirror is now in storage also, so I’m not quite sure how things will pan out here on the blog. I’m hoping to continue with flat-lays and full outfit photos and will be anxiously awaiting the finish of our new home!
The new home is actually in the same neighborhood my dad lives in. These communities down here in southwest Florida are pretty neat.  This particular one has 5 “sections”; villas, condos, entry-level homes, mid-level, and then the fancy-pants-no-one-can-afford homes. 🙂 We just sold our “entry-level” home (same builder) in a different community and upgrading to a mid-level in the new community. They actually refer to them as “executive”, “manor”, and “estate” homes… but let’s be real here! ha!  When the community is finished, there will be 900+ “doors” (this includes the condos which are 2 stories). AKA huge!  And the landscaping is extremely pretty and sprawling.
Any-who, that all means hoping for some pretty blog photos outside!  Previously we drove down the street to a small park to take photos (or on our lanai as shown below).  It will be fun to explore! Can you tell I’ve only lived in Florida for 2 years?  It’s all still so new and exciting! 🙂
Today’s outfit is pretty typical – just a great little ruffle tee that comes in quite a few colors, an affordable pair of denim, and my new favorite sandals for summer!
Nordstrom ruffle tee, style blogger, Sole Society sandals, BaubleBar necklace, SugarFix by Target, Vigoss Jeans



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