floral skirt + tank

Bright colors. Floral prints. Jeweled necklaces. Ahh I love this time of year with fashion!  I always go into a “lull” sometime in January and also around June-ish because I’m either anxiously awaiting the pretty spring colors to arrive (like now!) or fall colors in late summer. Right now I’m in spring color heaven and want to scoop all the pretty floral, ruffle, gingham, sparkly, pink things! 💗 Meet exhibit A. This gorgeous kelly green pencil skirt. 😍 I also want to give a shoutout to this structured sleeveless top.  It comes in 9 colors (including striped), is only $15 and perfect for summer since it easily tucks into a pencil skirt and stays put.



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  1. I love how these shoes look every time you wear them, and flat lay pictures too. I find them super uncomfortable for me, though — I tried two different sizes, with and without extra pads, and they just don't work for me. I gave one color away and occasionally wear the other at work for maybe an hour throughout the day, slipping into others at my desk. I'm glad they work for some lucky people though!

  2. Aww yeah, shoes are hard for each individual person. I work 12-13 hours on my feet at work everyday and the most comfortable flats in my closet are my Tory Burch…. and $12 Old Navy flats lol! But have sold many pairs of what others call comfortable and I think are horrible on Ebay. Crazy how each individual can have such different feet! That being said…. I don't think I could work in any heel comfortably anyway. I reserve these pumps for date nights and dinners where lots of sitting is involved. 😉 I hope you find a pair you love!

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