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Well hello everyone!  I’ve been working hard the last week or so to create something special that I’ve had on the back of my mind for quite some time.  I started HerDaileyStyle over 2 years ago as a complete hobby.  I knew nothing about blogging and really only wanted a creative outlet for styling outfits.  Over the years, the world of fashion blogging as become pretty cut-throat.  The bloggers who thrive and receive the most partnerships and commissions are those that really create a “brand” for themselves. They also are ones to admire with their 5’9″ height, perfect bodies, and were also lucky enough to have the funding to kickstart their blog. Am I jealous?  Absolutely!  C’mon, #dreamjob!

I have posted in the past and questioned whether blogging was fun anymore because of the above competition, but have always come back to the same answer.  The majority of the people that read my blog are just like me.  We work hard, we have families, we have hobbies, and we love clothes & accessories.  We are real women.  And which blogs do I read the most of myself?  The bloggers who are just like me.  Ever since I came to this realization awhile back, I’ve pushed forward and kept blogging. Sometimes I make money, sometimes I don’t — and that’s ok!

That all being said, the little bit I have profited from my blog, it was time to put that money to good use.  I came up with the ‘HerDaileyStyle’ name on a whim. A pun on my married last name (Dailey), it was cute and easy and a great start to the blog.  However, unless you know me personally or have read details about the blog, the blog name was confusing.  Not to mention how many people searched for Dailey without the ‘E’ in my blog name? I’m sure it frustrated some readers who follow via Instagram and I probably even got some eye-rolls wondering if I could spell! 🙈

So the first order of business was to create a new blog name.  Pearls & Ponies. It came to me out of nowhere and I realized right away how special it was to me in particular. It truly encompasses who I am.  I love to play dress up (pearls) and I love to go casual (ponytails).  However, most don’t know the greatest passion in my life are horses. I’ve shown and ridden since I was 3 years old.  If there is one thing I dream and live every second of every day, is riding horses. I currently own 3 horses — with hopefully a 4th on the way (we just bred one of my older show mares).  It just made sense – and luckily the domain ‘pearlsandponiesblog’ was still available!

The next order of business was re-creating my blog look.  Essentially there are 2 websites a blogger can use – Blogger and WordPress. Blogger is incredibly easy to set up, easy to use, and for simplicity reasons is everything I have wanted the last couple of years.  However, I have never loved the layout.  I admired the “clean” looks many bloggers have for their websites and have always wanted one for my own. WordPress offers 2 different avenues of creating a blog — via WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.org is the fancier of the two because basically you get to host your own site, your own domain, and you run the show.  It’s what I wanted and needed for the blog.  But holy moly – I’m not a computer programmer and boy was getting everything transferred over tedious!  Thankfully there are lots of forums and ‘help desks’ out there. After numerous e-mails and online chats later…. here we are!  

Welcome to my new style blog – Pearls & Ponies!

If anyone is interested in the transfer from Blogger to WordPress and haven’t made that jump yet for your own blog, feel free to contact me with any questions (see contact page above).  I would be happy to answer them!  Now that I’ve made the switch over to a self-hosted site, there are limitless possibilities for the blog design.  If anyone has recommendations for a website designer, feel free to pass their info along also!  I would love to have a few things customized, like my title template, logo design, etc.  Anyway – here’s to a fresh start and new blog beginning! 💗

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