Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Flip or Flop?

Alright ya’ll. I just had to take a break the last week from the blog. I needed a little rejuvenation after taking care of sick pups (both are stable and snoozing next to me 🐶), working 50+ hours at the J-O-B and now I’m sitting here writing this post going on 48 minutes of hold time with Nordstrom customer care.  The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has become one of my favorite sales/events of the year. I love that they team up with different brands (like Nike and Tory Burch) to bring out early fall styles unique to those brands & Nordstrom at discounted prices, including their own stores brands (like BP and Caslon). I’ve heard of people having problems in years past with placing orders, and I have certainly had items cancelled from my order (but the order still was placed and shipped minus the sold out item), and however frustrating that might be things always went smoothly and I was aware of any issues and they were resolved quickly.

I woke up early Thursday morning on the first day of the private cardholder sale to start shopping before heading in to work, chose my favorite items, and got that spinning wheel of dread at checkout we sometimes see when it can’t quite place your order. It finally changed to “sorry your transaction can’t be completed at this time” or something similar, and I tried again… This time it just sort of timed out, but my Nordstrom Note (reward) also disappeared which worried me. I went to check my credit card and sure enough – a pending transaction was shown, but no order number. Soon thereafter Nordstrom posted a statement on their website apologizing for site and app glitches and promised they were working hard to restore this issue. It wasn’t resolved by the time I had to leave for work, so I waited til I got home at 10 pm to re-check my card. The transaction was still pending. Knowing I had to work 13 hours the next day (Friday), I decided to email them instead. Come Saturday morning (today), I still have a pending transaction, no e-mail response, and my items are all sold out.

As I was typing this blog post, the Nordstrom customer care rep was finally able to help me after contacting a financial team member. It was confirmed my order did not go through, but the transaction and my reward are hung up on my card and will not fall off for 3-5 business days (meaning for me… up til Wednesday). It just stinks. I know this is not a first world problem. They are just clothes and shoes – but for someone like myself who just loves style and shopping – it’s an enjoyable part of my year that was ruined – especially for my blog! The one positive I can say, is that Nordstrom does re-stock their website as returns come through – and I have a feeling there will be a lot more returns this year then normal. I scoured their Instagram and Facebook pages prior to calling because I knew the wait time was going to be long and was hoping to find someone with the same problem as me (mine was only at least one transaction…. other people have FIVE pending transactions!) – and although I didn’t see a resolution to my issue, I did see that numerous orders were “duplicated” for people and both orders shipped, meaning those people are likely to return the duplicated order. The bad part is I’ve also seen a lot of people post that their orders aren’t expected to ship until the end of the month, and by then the sale is almost over.

So after all that – I hope you all had a much better experience if you shopped the sale already! It’s open to the public with or without a Nordstrom Card on July 20th. There were so many items I fell in love with and I think I might try and get a post of “favorites” together for you that I was going to purchase – or still will – if available later next week ha! I just wish I had a true review to go along with them. Another thought I had was to put virtual outfits together. A lot of items are still available and restocked from vendors after the sale if they aren’t exclusive to Nordstrom (like Vince Camuto booties), they just aren’t obviously on sale at that point. The funny part of that story is I wasn’t even planning on purchasing fall items since I live in Florida – all of my purchases were for tees, sandals, flats, and jeans! Argh! Apparently I was meant to shop for all the fall goodies which I normally do – and the not wear them til November! 😆

I’ll keep you guys in the loop – if I can get an order placed in the next couple of days I’d rather do a real try on and review session, but if not I’ll do a review of favorites and put outfits together virtually – or maybe both!  And I gotta say now…….. NEXT YEAR, this girl is driving 2 hours to her closest Nordstrom store and getting this sale on in real life ha!


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