Work Look: Floral & Corduroy


LOFT sweater tank, LOFT burgundy pants, LOFT mules, Jessica Simpson bag, Baublebar druzy pendant necklace


sweater tank: LOFT

denim (old): very similar, very similar

mules: LOFT

necklace: Baublebar

bag: Nordstrom Rack

Work Look: Floral & Corduroy

A nice reader commented the other day how much she loves work looks ~ and it made me realize how much I’ve really cut the work looks out of my blog the last few months since my employer went all “wear whatever you want.” I mean, they said no sweat pants, but when they leave the book open from there it’s kinda hard not to take that to heart! 😂

If you’ve read about the back story of my blog up in the “about” section, I started writing and putting outfits together back in 2015 when I graduated pharmacy school and they ingrained it into our heads we needed to dress professionally. I took that to heart and really pushed putting professional (think lots of pencil skirts), but fun outfits together. I loved it. Getting dressed for work was my favorite part of the day. I still have probably 30 pencil skirts in my closet, but since then we moved from the midwest to Florida (where everything is more laid back), and also my employer was really only business casual to begin with – and now straight up casual dress. When I’m working 13 hour days on my feet, it’s really hard to put on anything more than just jeans, flats, and whatever top suits me that day. However, we are getting into our “busy” season down here in Florida, and I’ve had a real itch to get back to dressing up a little more. Busy season means we get more pharmacist overlap – meaning I’ll work more days through the week – but my hours go down to 7-8 hour shifts so we don’t all slit our wrists! 😂

After all that babble, what I really wanted to say was I miss putting together fun work outfits with skirts and dress pants. I’m trying to sell most of my pencil skirts now on Poshmark because it’s just too hard to “run” (literally) in a pencil skirt when it’s really busy. However, shift skirts and A-line skirts are still easy to wear – and I truly miss dressing up! I’m also on the hunt for a good plaid dress for fall. I feel like I’ve said this 1000x in the past on the blog, but I need to get back to my “roots” for the blog and post more work outfits! So, here we go!

My skirt is from last fall, but LOFT brought the exact same skirt back this year, but in a slightly darker color. My color is more butternut squash, and the new version is more pumpkin color. The new version is more in line with trends this fall. Which alas, makes sense – heaven forbid we use the same color scheme year after year lol!

Old Navy floral blouse, LOFT corduroy skirt, J.Crew Factory necklace, Merona pumps, Baublebar earrings


skirt: LOFT Outlet

(mine is from last year – slightly different color)

top: Old Navy

necklace (old): option, option

pumps (old): option, option

earrings (old): option, option

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