LOFT Fitting Room Snapshots – 40% off!

Right now everything at LOFT is 40% off! It’s been awhile since I’ve walked into a LOFT and thought “oooo” – I’ve actually had better luck at their outlet store. However, soo many things caught my eye online lately, that I had to go check them out in person. Below are some fitting room snapshots of what I tried on, what I kept, and what I put back. Spoiler alert: Too many things came home with me. 🙂


These jeans and this sweater both made their way into my closet. The sweater is actually pretty thin, so perfect for our “fall” weather down here, but could easily be layered under a jacket or vest. It’s also incredibly soft and I loved the mixed media ruffle hem. The jeans were a random surprise – I’ve been looking for more distressed jeans, but ones that aren’t too over the top (like holes every 3 inches) – these were perfect! I purchased petite in both items. Fit TTS.

jeans | sweater | mules

And I thought I needed to wash my mirror! 😝

This skirt was the reason I went in store. I can’t resist a good windowpane/plaid print, and this is one that will be a closet staple for years to come. I have last years print in black/red (buttons down the side – soon to make a blog appearance!), but wanted a white/black version. My red/black skirt is hard to mix more than just gray, black, white, etc. – this white/black skirt will be easier to mix with not only neutral tops, but colors like maroon, olive, red, etc. Fits TTS.

I grabbed the tee just because I thought it was adorable, but I didn’t bring it home. It’s super cute, but I was spending enough already!

skirt | tee

Both this sweater and olive pants came home with me. The sweater was another item I had on my wish list and went to check out. It did not disappoint! I love, love the cuffs and the black/white stripes are just prefect. I wanted it to tuck into a couple of my corduroy skirts, but when I saw these olive pants, I picked those up heading to the dressing room. I’m still on the hunt for new olive jeans, but these pants are a beautiful color. Again – closet staple for work. Fits TTS. I purchased petite in the pants and regular size in the sweater.

sweater | pants

Last, but not least, these are two items that did not come home with me. Now – I picked them up together thinking they would pair well. They did not. The sweater was too long and oversized for the skirt. I tried tucking it in, but it was just too bulky. However, individually these are both beautiful items. The sweater is meant to be untucked, with a curved hem, and would look fantastic with leggings. It comes in a quite a few colors. The reason I didn’t bring it home is that I think it has acrylic in it, or a touch of wool, which is way too much for Florida right now.

The skirt on the other hand, is quite thin, and although that would be perfect for Florida, I just purchased those Old Navy plaid pants and decided the print was too similar. So, if you’re looking for a skirt alternative to plaid pants – here it is! The skirt has a touch of pink and blue stripes.

sweater | skirt

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