Welcome Home Reid!

Adoption photo – how did you not get adopted for almost 3 months?!

After a lot of heartache and sadness, we decided to fill our home again with little paws running on the hard floor, kisses on our face, and the unconditional love only a dog owner would understand. Welcome home, Reid!

A few days after Eddie had passed, I decided to look at what Rat Terrier pups were available in our state for adoption. One of the first puppies that popped up is a pair shown below. Brothers from the same litter, Rat Terrier mixes, out of Fort Lauderdale. I instantly fell in love with the dog on the right, but thought how crazy would it be if we could adopt both brothers together? I talked to my husband, sat on it for a few days, and decided it was the right thing to do. My grief for Eddie and Lucky wasn’t going to go away, but the emptiness in our home needed to be filled. So I applied.

Reid (on the right) and his litter mate, Rossi.

And then we waited. And waited. And waited. Finally several days later the adoption agency sent us an email saying both dogs were ‘pending.’ Then the next day I got an email that one of the brothers was adopted (the mostly black brother on the left). I immediately e-mailed them back inquiring about the remaining pup and if he was still available. No response. I figured it just wasn’t meant to be. Too soon. Bad timing. I applied to adopt a couple other dogs that I just kind of wanted to find out more information on, but wasn’t necessarily in love with. I knew it would just ‘adopting a dog’ of sorts. Both of those were adopted.

Puppy picture!

I pretty much decided at that point it was just bad timing and too soon. However, I was pretty bummed about it. I really, really wanted to bring this puppy home to us. So, I decided to be annoying and I re-applied. Haha. I figured, worst case I would just annoy the people working out of the rescue. I mean, c’mon – at least send an email response!

And days passed, still no response. My husband and I resorted to that maybe we weren’t ‘adopters’ and better suited for a breeder. I hated that idea, but I know there is a purpose for both. But I guess it was meant to be because last Friday evening, I randomly received an e-mail from the rescue group that Reid was still available and the first adopter didn’t work out! I was jumping for joy!

It all went so fast from there – I was off work for the entire weekend, so I had a FaceTime ‘interview’ so they could see my home on Saturday, approved Saturday evening, and drove 3 hours to Miami area by myself on Sunday to adopt this pup!

On our ride home. He’s a great traveler! Quiet the entire 3 hour drive home.

So, here we are – with our new pup, Reid! I actually kept his foster name. Him and his litter mates (there were 4 total that were rescued, it’s unknown what happened or if there was a larger litter) were all named after Criminal Minds characters. I liked it.

He’s 6 months old. Rat Terrier and assumed Italian Greyhound mix. He’s pretty big now, 30 lbs, and growing. His litter was picked up by a rescue in Alabama found stranded at 4-5 weeks of age without mom. They somehow were put in touch with the Fort Lauderdale rescue group and transported to foster this past December. I guess behavior-wise they were horrible. Aggressive with each other and other dogs, feisty, and out of control without mom around. Their foster mom did a fantastic job with them. Reid is pretty independent and a little stubborn, but he really just wants please. He loves his people and craves affection when he’s a good boy. Which he really is a good boy. He sleeps a lot – I think (or hope) growing again – but when he plays, it’s a safe play. He doesn’t chew, doesn’t bite, and I would say 100% potty trained.

Our only issue is socialization. He’s pretty good on walks (he had never been on a leash to walk before we brought him home), learning to sit, and behave when we see other dogs, but he’s timid of strangers. He also growled and struck out during a meet and greet with an older, larger dog at the dog park (he was fine with the little dogs). The first adopter didn’t work out because their “senior dog was too stressed”, so I kind of wonder if that dog didn’t lash out at him creating some fear.

Taken today – 5/13/19

However, we adore him and are willing to work through any issues he may have! I really love that the newer training methods are ‘positive reinforcement’ and not negative. He really responds well to positivity.

A dog trainer is scheduled to come our house this Wednesday for a training session, so hopefully she can provide us some exercises and how to create confidence and stability.

He’s so different from Eddie & Lucky, but also shares so many of the same traits. I miss them dearly still, and have fresh tears every time I think of them (like now! Lol), but I can say that Reid has definitely filled in a piece of my life that has been empty for almost a month now. I think they would approve. 💗

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  1. I am so happy for you, and Reid is adorable! I recently lost my Golden Retriever, Molly, so I feel your pain. Puppies sure can bring a lot of fun and joy. I hope you have many happy years together!

    1. Cindy ~ Thank you so much! But, I’m so sorry to hear about Molly. My dad has an 11 year old Golden that we all love dearly and is starting to have a lot of trouble with arthritis. The breed is certainly one of the best! Best wishes to you as well! 💗

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