Stripes & Scallops

Stripes & Scallops:

I love a good button down for spring & summer months! If the nights are cool, but not cold, a button-down is a little nicer way to layer versus a cardigan or sweater. The blue & white combo is classic prep, and the tie-knot on this shirt is right on trend! I’m so happy scallops are back for yet another season and picked up these white shorts to add to my collection!

J.Crew Factory scallop shorts, J.Crew Factory striped tie-knot button down, Rebecca Minkoff mini bag, A New Day white mules, Baublebar Sugarfix tassel earrings


scallop shorts | striped top | mules | earrings |

bag (mine is old – love this option – and also love this new pattern!, clutch, clutch


Summer Dreamin’ + #ootd


A New Day cardigan, LOFT floral blouse, LOFT sateen chinos, Merona pumps


blouse (old – LOFT) – option, option, option, option | chinos

 cardigan | bracelet (old – J.Crew Factory) – similar | pumps (old – Merona) – similar


Flatlay ~ Summer Dreamin’

Down here in Florida it’s hard not to be attracted to summer pieces as soon as they’ve hit stores, even if it’s still in the 60s. I picked up this top and shorts a few weeks ago and I’ve gotten to wear the top a few times on warmer days, but the shorts will sit in my closet for awhile til summer is finally here. This midwestern girl got used to the hot weather down here fast, my skin ‘thinned’ as they say, and it’s now got to be mid-80s or warmer for me to wear shorts! I picked a warmer day a few weeks ago to wear a pair of jeans shorts (I think it was a hi of 82), and I was freezing all day lol! I know, I know – if you’re getting snow right now up north, just laugh at me – it didn’t take long for me to adjust to the weather here! I do love how these earrings tie in this whole outfit though – they also come in a navy blue version!

J.Crew Factory striped tie-sleeve top, J.Crew Factory shorts, Baublebar earrings, A New Day mules


tie sleeve top | shorts | mules | earrings

Outfit Recipes Using Polyvore + #ootd


Banana Republic Striped Tie Knot Tee, Articles of Society Carly Crop denim, A New Day pink loafers, Sole Society crossbody, J.crew Factory leopard necklace


twist-front top (solid color) | bag | denim | loafers | necklace



Today I wanted to talk a little about how I put outfits together, especially with new items I’ve just purchased. I use the same formula for most outfits and I wanted to share with you some tips and tricks that work for me! First, let’s talk about Polyvore.

Have you ever used the Polyvore tool? It’s free to use and it’s how I create most of my outfits before I ever wear them! You can search for specific items (.e.g “Sole Society bag) and everything already listed on the Polyvore database will pop up. You can then limit your search by color and price. You can also do a general search of “blue bag” or “striped top” and will bring up every brand listed matching that phrase. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Polyvore also has a “clip” tool you can add to your web browser, so if you see an item listed on a website, but it’s not listed on Polyvore (say for example, a new floral blouse at LOFT), you can “clip” the product image from the website you are shopping and it will add to your polyvore page.

Below is a screen shot of the first page of my Polyvore account – you might recognize a ton of these items as I’ve featured almost all of them on the blog! It’s basically a peek into my personal closet. 🙂 And if I’m looking for a certain item of my own to add to an outfit I’m creating, I can also search my own “closet” on Polyvore with terms like “earrings” or “J.Crew” and it will bring up everything related to that search term.


Kecia’s Polyvore

How I Put Outfits Together:

I shop 90% of the time online. If I shop in store, it’s impulse shopping and I usually purchase because I like an item on the rack, without any thought into whether I can style it in more than one way. I like to be able to style something (especially printed pieces) in at least 3 ways before I purchase an item. Items are sometimes very seasonal to me. Brands will come out with new color schemes for basically the same floral print or striped top, but somehow they make it seem fresh and new ~ in turn, my old items sit in the back of my closet and I eventually will sell on eBay. That’s why Polyvore is such a great tool. I can piece outfits together before I even receive the item if I order online and make sure I’ll get use out of it in my closet.  It’s also a great way to realize what you might be missing as a “staple” piece in your closet. Since Polyvore stores all of your items in one spot, it’s so easy for me to bring up staple pieces I already have in my closet and see if they mix well with a trendy piece I’m getting ready to purchase.

 I’ve been wanting to order the earrings shown in the outfit below for awhile, but was waiting on a promo to happen. I was finally able to order them last week when Baublebar offered a 25% off discount code, but had to make a choice on which color option. They come in 2 different multi-color options and also a couple of one-color options.  I already own the solid version of these earrings from Target’s Sugarfix line, so I really wanted to purchase and style one of the multi-color options for this spring/summer. I thought about what I already own in my closet that would work with these earrings and it was a no-brainer for me to buy the “black” version (the other option is navy blue/turquoise) since I already owned this v-neck tank and also the gray bag ~ probably 2 items a lot of us already have a version of in our closet ~ or a white tee and pink or black bag ~ all would have the same ‘recipe!’

Since the earrings are the “statement” of the outfit, I wanted to keep the rest of my outfit somewhat quiet. I used Polyvore to match the black tank and gray bag to the earrings and paired with jeans and (simple) necklace I already own in my closet and pulled the bottom part of my outfit together with a pair of black booties. If I instead had purchased a statement necklace, I would have kept my earrings more “quiet” and went with a simple stud type. I usually only change my nail polish color once a week, but if I happen to be able to pick the color on a day I already know what I’m wearing, this is how I would pair the color ~ just another subtle match to the earrings. I’m sure we all have our own tips and tricks on what works for one person or another to get ready for the day ~ especially when you’re getting ready for work and you only have a few minutes to decide! This just happens to be my ‘go to recipe’… start with an accessory and go from there!

And I did all of that using the Polyvore website! They also have an app you can use, I just find it easier to use it on my computer. I usually do a screen shot of the outfit I’ve created and save it in a folder on my computer, however you can easily publish and save everything in your Polyvore account also.

BP tank, Sole Society bag, Sole Society sandals, 7 For All Mankind skinny jeans, Babulebar earrings, Essie gel nail polish, BP bar necklace, Old Navy sunglasses



A quick re-cap of how I put this outfit together:

>>Start with a statement piece (e.g. earrings shown above)

>>Pull outfit together with complementing colors without being too matchy matchy (remember the days we matched our boots, belt, & bag?)

>If I’m wearing a printed top with a lot going on, I will usually wear solid earrings with a subtle necklace

Example: floral top + solid earrings

floral top | tassel earrings | knot earrings

>>However, are rules meant to be broken? Absolutely!  I love color and prints and never want to feel “bored” with my outfit, which is why I usually always have some sort of loud colored piece on, and therefore have to create rules for myself otherwise I’d be wearing every color of the rainbow!

And that’s that! Not too much to it, just wanted to share! I hope this post was a little useful for anyone wondering how bloggers come up with outfits. I have no idea how other ladies do it, but Polyvore works the best for me! And saves me money also ~ set a number for yourself and before you ever buy a statement piece, make sure you can style it XX amount of ways (mine is 3!).

~xoxo, Kecia

Stripes & Slides + #ootd


LOFT shift button skirt, LOFT floral mixed media blouse, Merona pumps, Sole Society bag, BP necklace


floral top | skirt (option) | necklace (old – Nordstrom) – option | bag (old – Sole Society) – option

pumps (old – Merona) – option, option


Stripes & Slides:

Love a good combination of blue tones! 💙 Nothing speaks more summer to me than both blues and pinks. I usually don’t wear sandals until it’s consistently warm out in the upper 80’s/90’s, so we have a ways to go even in Florida, but I couldn’t resist these cute slides! I just love the embellished detail and the dark blue color will go with a ton of colors.

J.Crew Factory ruffle tee, Sole Society bag, Baublebar Sugarfix earrings, AG jeans, Sam Edelman slides


slides | bag | earrings | denim | top (old – JCF) – option, option, option


Pink Tee & Fun Earrings + #ootd


Old Navy pixie chinos, Old Navy floral blouse, Kate Spade bag, Merona pumps, Baublebar earrings


white chinos | blouse | earrings | bag (mine is old version) | pumps


Pink Tee + Fun Earrings

Hi all! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! My husband and I had Friday – Sunday off work and we used every second to our advantage. We both needed a break terribly from work related things, so we went to the beach, rode our horses, went to dinner with our families, saw a movie (Game Night is great!), and we snapped this picture on our way to meander through an ‘RV show’ on Sunday ha! I’m just finally getting back into the swing of things showing horses, and the one thing we’ve noticed down in Florida is the summers are HOT. Any other day I would revel in the heat and suck up all the warmth I can get, but when it comes to showing horses outdoors down here – the humidity is horrid! I show in multiple events that require 2-3 tack/outfit changes throughout the day and exchanging one sweaty tight pair of pants for another is no fun whatsoever, especially done in a hot car, stall, or horse trailer. I grew up spoiled showing horses with my parents and we had a big ole class A RV that we traveled the country in. Those days are long gone (adulting is eh), and I miss the days of having an RV for comfort.  While we aren’t in the market for an expensive huge RV, I drive a big SUV, and think a travel trailer would be perfect!  They’ve come a long way since the pop-up trailer days! So anyway, we were all sorts of excited to look at those at the RV show yesterday. It’s definitely an investment and not one that we will purchase over night – but I will hopefully convince thee husband that air conditioning and saving on hotel bills is the way to go next year!

So anyway, I wore this relaxed and easy outfit yesterday to trot around. Florida got a little chilly again in the 40s at night, 70s during the day so I needed some layers. My denim jackets is really old and I honestly need to find a new one. It’s a tad tight and I think a tad short. However this tee was comfortable and matched the earrings and bag perfectly, so I said ‘why not?’ and threw the outfit together before we left! I hope this Monday finds you relaxed and ready to go for the new week also! 🙂

BP tee, Sole Society bag, Articles of Society white crop denim

Baublebar earrings, Sole Society bag


pink tee ($17 – comes in tons of colors!) | white denim | earrings | sneakers | bag

sunglasses | necklace | jacket (mine is super oldI’m going to check this one out!)



Spring Bags

Sole Society mini bags

blue | pink | gray

I just had to make a post specifically about these 3 cutey little bags today! Lately I haven’t purchased but maybe one or two new handbags. I picked up this bag from Target last month, but really my closet needed a shoe makeover and that’s where I’ve invested lately…. until now!  I’ve really jumped on the ‘mini bag’ trend. I carry a tote for work, but medium sized bags just don’t really work for me any longer. Now that Apple Pay is a thing, I store most of my credit cards either on my phone or in a much smaller wallet than I used to have. I don’t carry much in my purse either — usually gum, keys, small wallet, hand sanitizer, and maybe some lip gloss. I have several old Kate Spade bags that are tried and true in my closet, so I save those for ‘movie dates’ when you know you need room for things like candy. 😉 So when I saw these bags released recently, I fell in love!

All 3 are from Sole Society, which is my favorite go-to store for bags. They are affordable (less than $50 each), vegan, and the perfect size! I’ve had these bags on my wish list for awhile and jumped the gun last week when Sole Society sent me a promo code in the mail. **A little secret:: If you add items to your ‘bag’ in checkout on their website, wait a few days and they will send you an e-mail to “change your mind” with a 15% off promo code!  That’s exactly what I did! I also signed up for ShopRunner which allows for free 2 day shipping from a variety of stores. It was free for 30 days. I saw a handful of stores I shop at listed on their site, but not sure I’ll have much use for it (Amazon Prime is a different story!). Let me know if you guys use Shop Runner – would love to hear what your opinions are!

The other great thing about these little bags – they all come in a variety of colors – so if pastels aren’t your jam, a couple of them come in a cognac/brown color!

Sole Society mini bags


gray bag | pink bag | blue bag


Inspiration Wednesday + #ootd


LOFT floral henley top, LOFT cardigan, LOFT chinos, Kate Spade bag, Merona pumps


floral top | chinos | cardigan (old – LOFT) – option | bracelet

bag (old – Kate Spade) – option | pumps (old – Merona) – option, option


Inspiration Wednesday:

Hi guys! As stated last week during my ‘blog update’, I’ve really wanted to get back to posting some work inspiration posts. I get a lot my own inspirations from catalog photos, celebrities, other bloggers, etc. and while I’ve done inspiration posts in the past, I thought it would be fun to commit Wednesdays to these types of posts!


I picked up this pretty pearl embellished chambray top awhile ago and have been looking for ways to style it for work. I saw this J.Crew catalog photo above on Pinterest and although they used a darker chambray, I love the coral + blue + pink color pairings! Very spring! I was also able to re-use this Ann Taylor pencil skirt which has been sitting in my closet for awhile and is almost an identical to the J.Crew version! Overall I was really happy with my own creation and loved the J.Crew inspiration!

Banana Republic pearl embellished top, A New Day cardigan, Merona pumps, Kate Spade bag, Ann Taylor pencil skirt


pearl top | skirt (old – Ann Taylor) – option, option | bracelet | pumps

cardigan | bag (old – Kate Spade) – option, option





Affordable Spring Sneakers + #ootd


BP twist hem tee, Old Navy legging denim, Steve Madden sneakers, A New Day crossbody, Sugarfix earrings, Kate Spade iPhone X case


twist hem tee ($22!) | crossbody bag ($25!) | denim | sneakers

necklace (old – similar) | earrings (oldoption, option) | phone case


Spring Sneakers:

These adorable $33 sneakers were part of my Target ‘shoe haul’ a few weeks ago ~ they are just like the New Balance version, but less than half the price! I picked up this gray color, but I also love the pink version. They are a little loose around the ankle for me, so I would recommend sizing down maybe 1/2 size. I have to order online in order to get a smaller size so I just went with my regular size 6 in store and they worked out fine, especially if you wear socks. My tie-front tee comes in 5 colors and there is a pretty ‘flax’ (beige) color that is currently on sale + everything is 30% off today! (Search the website for: “tie-front long sleeve tee” ~my link isn’t working for all the colors for some reason).

J.Crew Tie Front Tee, Target sneakers, Sole Society Piri bag, Vigoss denim, BP pearl earrings


tie-front tee (30% off) | sneakers ($33!) | bag (black, brown)

denim (oldsimilar) | earrings (oldsimilar, similar)




Scallops & Stripes + #ootd


Banana Republic Couture Ruffle Tee, Express Olive Denim Legging, Universal Thread booties, Sole Society Thalia, Kendra Scott filigree


ruffle-hem tee | leggings | booties | bracelet | necklace | bag (old similar, similar)


Scallops & Stripes:

Hello friends! Well, I’m thankfully feeling much better after this weekend! I only worked 8 hours on Friday and had Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday off. It was much needed and truly refreshing. Other than taking the dogs for a walk and playing in our backyard, I didn’t actually leave the house this weekend. I did a major closet cleanout and posted on eBay things that no longer fit or no longer like, put fall clothes in the guest room closet, and brought out all the pretty spring things! I also took a few (indoor) blog photos and all in all – it was worth staying home!

First post of the week and I just had to share this pretty scallop linen skirt!  I buy these skirts season after season, in both linen and wool, and they are hands down my favorite skirt to wear. The stretchy waist is comfortable and makes it easy to tuck in sweaters and tops. They are machine washable (I’m getting annoyed with dry cleaning… trying to buy mostly machine washable these days!). I have an entire rainbow of these skirts in various prints and colors, so I was pretty excited when I saw the scallop detail for this season!  Just something new and different to add to the closet. I find these skirts run a little big in the waist, but they do shrink ever so slightly, so I buy my regular size.

J.Crew Factory scallop sidewalk skirt, J.Crew Factory striped tie sleeve top, Sole Society bow bag, J.Crew Factory necklace, Old Navy pumps


striped tee | scallop skirt (regular version) | necklace (old – JCF) – try this one

bag (old – Sole Society) – similar, similar | pumps





Sale Alert

**Sale Alert**

Are you a chino lover like myself? If I’m not wearing a skirt to work in the summer, you can guarantee I’m in a pair of chinos! They are hands down my favorite work pant because of how comfortable they are, especially for long days. I buy most of mine from LOFT and Old Navy and I just noticed the pair I’m wearing in the photo is on clearance for $17! My gray color is almost sold out, but there is a pretty olive color that I might scoop up (I already have 2 pairs of olive dress pants and one pair of green chinos…. what’s one more?).

LOFT Sateen Chinos, LOFT pink shell top, J.Crew Factory necklace, Sole Society bag, Merona pumps


chino pants ($17!) (regular fit – 40% off! | pink shell top | bag (old – Sole Society) – similar

necklace (old – JCF) – similarsimilar | pumps





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