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LOFT blouse, LOFT chinos, Sole Society bag, Merona pumps, Kendra Scott necklace


floral top | chinos | pumps (old – Target) – great option | bag (old – Sole Society) – option | necklace


Blog Update

Hey guys! I hope you’re having a great week so far! You may have noticed I took a few days off from the blog. This happens every year, however for good reason. I usually get to a point (and it always hits in the winter because I run out of any creativity since it’s usually hot down here and the rest of the world is covered in snow!) where I feel a little “blogger lost.” Work is nuts right now, I get burned out, and the blog feels the brunt. It’s good for me to hit the refresh button though, as I really need to re-evaluate my goals for the blog and where it’s headed for the new year.

When I started blogging a couple years ago, it was (and still is) a creative outlet for me to show fun and creative outfits for the workplace. I get comments every now and then from patients at work that say “you’re too young to be a pharmacist” and although I know they are being kind, and I probably look younger than 35 because I’m short and have fake blonde hair (ha), that comment was thrown at me a different way the other day. A nicely dressed woman commented that I “dress too nice to be a pharmacist” and when I laughed it off she goes “No, really. Pharmacists usually look and dress so awful.” She had no idea – but it meant a lot to me to hear that from her for more than just a compliment!

j.crew factory gingham penil skirt, Banana Republic cotton tee, Sole Society pumps, Sole Society cross body, Baublebar necklace
~one of my favorite blog photos from 2017

It got my creative wheels turning again and how I miss putting my outfits to good use – for outfit inspiration in the workplace! Lately I’ve posted a ton of casual flatlays recently because my husband (my photographer haha) and I haven’t had any days off work together. We do have a long weekend coming up in March together, so I’m hoping I can convince him to follow me around with a camera for a couple hours. 🙂

~Ann Taylor really needs to come out with more cute skirts!

That being said, I would really like to get the blog back to work-inspiration related. I’ve trended toward casual outfits for the most part lately because of work burnout mentioned the other day. My staff and I have been running so much in order to get prescriptions filled that I when I get dressed in the morning, it’s a miracle I don’t wear pajamas to work!  Needless to say the woman at the pharmacy that complimented my outfit picked a good day – ha!

~Reese Witherspoon inspired outfit

I do shop a ton (I’m a true shopaholic, eek!), but causal outfits to me just kind of all look the same after awhile unless there is some flare added. And I have zero casual flare because when I’m dressing down it’s usually in jeans and t-shirt. 😋 I was inspired to start this blog by bloggers such as Outfit Posts and Mix & Match Fashion. Tara from MMF isn’t blogging any longer, but MK from Outfit Posts just started back up which is exciting! Thinking about how much I love both blogs, has encouraged me to get back ‘to my roots’ so to speak and make some 2018 goals for the blog. So, alas – here are my top 3. 🙂

2018 Goals:

*Focus more on work-related outfit blog posts

*I get most of my inspirations from catalog photos, Pinterest, magazines, etc. – I would love to use those in my posts similar to MK from Outfit Posts – inspirations encourage less spending and remixing old items in our closets – I really need to do this!

*We moved into a new home last fall and right now our home is very sterile – Pottery Barn esque furniture with zero decor. We took a step back from decorating because we wanted to pay down our debt in 2017/2018, but I have plans toward the end of the year to start finishing rooms and would love to share those one at a time on the blog!


If you’ve lasted through this entire blog post – thank you so much for reading! 💙 In a world full of negativity, blogging can provide an uplifting place for women to unite and compliment one another – and also critique, but with style and positivity – I know I feel good when my outfit feels put together, so hopefully I can continue to inspire and create a positive environment here if even for just a quick 5 minute read.

-xoxo, Kecia

Striped Tie-Knot Tee + #ootd


Ann Taylor skirt, A New Day sweater, Merona blouse, Merona pumps, Sole Society bag, Kendra Scott necklace


skirt (old – Ann Taylor) – option, option, option | blouse (old – Merona) – option

cardigan | necklace | bag | pumps


Striped Tie-Knot Tee

So I’m pretty sure you can give me all the tie-knot tees, because that’s all I’ve purchased lately and I love this trend!  I mentioned awhile back I want to buy more classic pieces and less ‘weird trends’ but the tie-knots are a trend that can last forever!  I’m a tomboy at heart, so this is the perfect way to wear a t-shirt, but with a little detail and all the comfort. This tee is only $15 also! It comes in 3 colors including a pretty embroidered version which I would have purchased first had I not already had the BP embroidered tee. They are very similar. I paired this tee with my new favorite $23 mules and $13 earrings (still on sale!). I’ll link similar affordable options below for my denim and bag (mine are old) so that you can pretty much replicate this outfit for less than $100!

A New Day striped tie knot tee, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Sugarfix earrings, Banana Republic denim, A New Day mules


tie-knot tee ($15) | earrings ($10) | mules ($23)

denim (old) – $44 option , $64 option | bag (old) – option, option, option


Spring Break Dress + #ootd


LOFT chinos, Bobeau ruffle sleeve top, J.Crew Factory necklace, VANS sneakers


tie knot tee (other option) | necklace | earrings

 pants (old) – similar, similar | sneakers (my style is old) – option, option


Ruffle Sleeve Dress:

Hey guys!  Happy work week (again!) – ugh!  I was pretty sure yesterday was going to kill me. Actually I think those thoughts everyday lately lol. Can this flu season be over already?! I worked 10 hours on my feet yesterday (with a 20 min lunch break) and was literally running all day. I have a feeling my cute skirts and BR sloan pant days are coming to an end for awhile ha – I foresee a few new pairs of Nike sneakers in my life and whatever comfy pants I can find in my closet. 😅 I’ve become a huge fan of sateen denim lately. It feels like pants (not denim), but has the 5 pocket look and fit like a pair of skinny jeans. I have a pair from Old Navy and LOFT and plan on buying more soon! I think they’ll pair really well with sneakers also, because next year I’m going to be prepared! My poor Tory Burch Minnie‘s (best work flats!… unless you’re running…) are getting tore up. 🙁

Anyway, lets lighten this post up with a talk about this pretty little spring dress!  I posted a flatlay blog post about it awhile ago, but wanted to show you it on! It’s just too cute not to share again. And today it’s only $20! A major steal if you live down south in a hot summer state, or certainly if you are planning a spring break trip somewhere warm!

Old Navy dress, Merona sandals, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Baublebar necklace and earrings

necklace | earrings

Please excuse the quality of this photo. First of all – I’m not near this tan lol. I haven’t used my tripod and camera in awhile since I stopped doing regular blog photos, and this was the first time I’ve used it in this part of my house — anyway, I definitely needed the flash on, took the photo without it, and had to do some major alterations on the photo just so you could see anything ha!  Anyway, so here we are tan, overly exposed, with a white/yellow wall! 😂

Thankfully the dress still looks cute, so pay attention to those details! I switched the necklace and bag out from the flatlay. I felt like when I tried the dress on for a blog photo that the necklace was a little bulky for such a lightweight dress. The dainty Kendra Scott necklace worked out much better. I added a pair of fun earrings instead. I really wanted to pair the dress with a woven or straw bag, but the bag shown in the only one I own. I wish it had some blue colors in the design, so I highly recommend taking a look at this one or this one (both affordable from Penney’s!) My dress also comes in a super cute gingham print.

Old Navy dress, Merona straw bag, Merona sandals


dress (gingham print) | earrings | bag (old) – option, option (both affordable!)

sandals (old) – love these and these | necklace (old) – very similar



Twist Back Striped Tee + #ootd


BP. scarf, Merona cardigan, BP. peplum tee, Old Navy sateen leggings, A New Day loafers


peplum tee | loafers | earrings | scarf (old) – similar

cardigan (old) – similar, similar | leggings (old) – similar, similar


Twist-back tee

What you are looking at in the flatlay picture is actually the back of this tee! It’s super cute! All winter long the trend (and still going strong I might add) was either ties or knots in the front of a sweater or shirt. And just because the fashion wizards need to mix up the trends, now the knots are being put in the back (LOL). My phone kind of washed out the color a little in the stripes, but it’s a royal blue/white striped tee. Very nautical and very summer. It’s called a long sleeve, but really 3/4 length sleeves. It’s a shorter body length, but perfect for petites or also with high waisted jeans. I didn’t have a problem with the length (I’m 5’2″ for reference). The tee also comes in solid colors.

J.Crew knot tee, Baublebar Sugarfix tassel earrings, Kate Spade bag, Universal Thread booties, 7 For All Mankind denim


twist back tee (solid)| denim | earrings | booties | bag (my version is old) – newest version


More Favorite Twist-Knot Tees:

Most are on sale!

1 \ 2 \ 3
4 \ 5 \ 6




Cute Spring Stuff + #ootd


LOFT skirt, LOFT ruffle sleeve top, Sole Society bag, Merona pumps, J.Crew Factory necklace


floral skirt | necklace | top (old) – similar, similar, similar

bow bagsimilar, similar | pumps (old) – similar


A New Day

So I had to make another Target run because there were just a few things I couldn’t get out of my head! One was this beautiful embellished floral cardigan — it’s so pretty in person!  I stopped at a Target a little farther way from my house last weekend and they didn’t have my size in stock, so I ran up to my local store by my house this morning (my excuse was I needed Starbucks 😎 ) because the Target app said they had the cardigan in stock in my size… Yep, liars. Lol. It just wasn’t meant to be I suppose. But of course who ever buys one thing while they are at Target? Ha. I also saw this cute pink cardigan and ($10) earrings in another color (I also have the yellow) that match perfectly and are still on sale – so they came home with me. Oy. I tell you what though, Target is just doing a great job lately. I also brought home this tie front tee ($15!) in the yellow striped color — it also comes in a pretty floral print, but I already have the BP floral tee which I wore last week and is extremely similar. Below are a list and pictures of my favorite items out right now from Target’s ‘A New Day’ brand.


tie front shirt | tie front tee | floral embellished cardigan

floral bouse | floral tee | ruffle skirt

A New Day cardigan, Banana Republic denim, Sugarfix tassel earrings, A New Day mules


cardigan | mules | earrings ($10) |  denim (old) – very similar






Designer Dupe + Pink Denim


J.Crew tie front top, Old Navy denim, Adidas sneakers


tie-front top | earrings | sneakers | denim


Designer Dupe

You know how I posted the other day I bought 5 pairs of shoes from Target?! Five! That’s just madness right there. These booties are one pair – hello designer dupe! They are almost near identical to the Vince Camuto bootie and honestly I feel bad for those that bought the expensive version, because the Target version is pretty darn comfortable and I’m not sure I would know a difference! And only $35!

Here is a picture of the two booties side by side:


Target version | Designer version

 You can see the difference in the design near the toe on each bootie. The heel is a little taller on the Vince Camuto bootie also. Now don’t get me wrong – the VC version has over 500 positive 5 star reviews — which is crazy in itself and means it’s a great bootie worthy of a dupe — but it’s also $150 and if you’re like me and only wear a bootie like this occasionally on the weekends, then I’d much rather spend $35 instead of $150!  The good news is if you want to spend the money because you just love these booties — the Vince version is on sale right now. 🙂 

Express pink denim leggings, DV sandals, Old Navy gray tee, Baublebar necklace


booties | tee shirt | necklace (old) – similar, similar | jeans (old) – option, option, option


Pink Denim

Pink denim appears to be a hot spring trend for this upcoming season – I picked up the leggings shown in the flatlay picture awhile back at my local Express Outlet, so definitely check your local store if you like mine!  Below are a few similar options to mine, ranging from affordable to designer. Pinterest has a ton of great ideas on how to style pink denim, but really you can’t go wrong with white, stripes, or gray on top!

American Eagle | Express | Old Navy

LOFT | Nordstrom | Nordstrom Rack






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